Drill Team Prep Class


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT for Drill Team Prep Class Members:

We are very excited to have you in our Drill Team Prep Class!  It will be a ton of work, but also a ton of fun!  We recommend you keep dancing and exercising over the summer so you are ready to go the first week back to school!  If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Hladky at HladkyS@LISD.net!  Congrats again!

Welcome to the Drill Team Prep Class!

1 Shriya Sreeju
4 Kendyl Kaufman
5 Emma Flynn
8 Mia Jones
9 Carolena Wade
10 Kate Vaughn
12 Grace Dooley
14 Natalia Alberty
15 Rebekah Wright
18 Emma Dirks
25 Tenny McDonie
27 Brooklyn Salway
29 Summer Martin
30 Riley Key