IMPORTANT DATES for our NEW 2021 – 2022 Team:

We currently have no dates to share…. but please be on the lookout for an email from MHS DRILLTEAM – Charms Office, as this is our main line of communication with our team.  We will be in touch in the next week!


Congratulations and Welcome to our new

2021-2022 Marquettes!

1 Alicia Gonzales
2 Audrey Sullivan
4 Britton Broussard
6 Caroline Catching
9 Danna Rojas
10 Jessica Allen
11 Katelynn Alva
12 Katie Amigh
13 Kaylin Henry
19 Kyra McKay
21 Lily Simonton
22 Lucy Stewart
23 Mackenzie Audas
25 Makenna Harris
26 Mary Simmons
28 Natalie Ramage
29 Paige Donovan
33 Reagan Williams
42 Violet Snyder
Manager Evelyn Harney
Manager Regina Solis Ramos